Black Hills Christian Academy

2012-2013 TerraNova 3 Test Scores


TerraNova 3 Testing (Standardized Achievement Tests)


BHCA students are given the TerraNova 3 each spring. The National Percentile Scale is used to compare students' results to students of the same grade level nationally.

The NPS compares your student's results to the national average of 100 students. The national average would be 50%.

Below are 3 grade levels for the 2012-2013 scores.




1st Grade Group List Report


    Reading                             88% (National Percentile Scale)

    Vocabulary                       81% (NPS)

    Reading Composite     80% (NPS)

    Language                    80% (NPS)

    Math                            82% (NPS)

    Math Computation       90% (NPS)

    Science                       80% (NPS)

     Social Studies                 88% (NPS)

    Word Analysis                87% (NPS)



4th Grade Group List Report


    Reading                       81% (National Percentile Scale)

    Vocabulary                  70% (NPS)

    Language                    86% (NPS)

    Language Mechanics   80% (NPS)

    Mathematics                62% (NPS)

    Math Computation       66% (NPS)

    Science                        74% (NPS)

    Social Studies              85% (NPS)

    Spelling                        64% (NPS)



8th Grade Group List Report


    Reading                       82% (National Percentile Scale)

    Vocabulary                  93% (NPS)

    Language                    83% (NPS)

    Language Mechanics   84% (NPS)

    Mathematics                63% (NPS)

    Math Computation       72% (NPS)

    Science                       72% (NPS)

     Social Studies                 77% (NPS)

     Spelling                             69% (NPS)